Policing Diversity

Hosted by: Yamuna Sangarasivam, Ph.D./Professor and Esperanza Roncero, Ph.D./Professor, from Nazareth College

We invite you to join us in journeying through a mindbody practice of witnessing an experience of policing diversity. We will observe how diversity and inclusion is weaponized as a slogan and a tool of managing and reproducing multiple forms of marginalization, incarceration, and oppression within predominantly white institutions (PWI). Willing solidarities and willful sovereignties, double-edged intentionalities and innocent transgressions, the violence of compliance and the naked need for salvation—longing for emancipation within prison walls, wrestling with the fatigue of war, how shall we sustain a call to struggle? How do we comport ourselves when the romance of celebrating diversity disappears into the realities of exclusion, exhaustion, and a quiet loss of integrity and respect? Let’s witness what happens when we confront the high impact practices of mindful silencing, intentional surveillance, strategic destabilization and displacement of people from the territorialities of citizenship and belonging.