The Call


Wakanda University at the American Anthropological Association is envisioned as a collaborative Afro-and-Ethnofuture Space beyond whiteness. All are welcome. 

Submission deadline is September 30.

Within the overall conference theme Resistance, Resilience, Adaptation, Wakanda University will focus on four key themes:

Ways of knowing, knowledge production and experience that unfurl from cosmologies beyond whiteness.

What does research look like in a world that centers Afro- and Ethno- cosmologies?  What are research methods, materials and modalities?  How is knowledge shared and distributed?  These questions might be explored through idea-generating workshops, speculative making, experimental video, participatory exercises.

As an example, The Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology will present the EthnoSpa, and also invites people to the workshop Seeing Differently (time still TBD).

Mutual support, generosity and spiritual expansiveness. 

(LabSpecEth has formulated BeckyBeGone spray, which will be available for sale at the booth. BeckyBeGone mixes organic, homegrown herbs in a rum-based tincture that is then spiritually treated to gain maximum effectiveness.  Not for internal use.)


Play & Undoing the violence of the academy.

In addressing the above, formats might include: speculation, collaborative workshops, presentation, performance, guided experiences.

We will be broadcasting a Silent Rave — and are actively seeking DJs.

For your proposals, please complete the online submission form.  Deadline for submission September 30.

Questions? Email us at