Call for Submissions


a project from the Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology

This year’s AAA theme is “Resistance, Resilience, Adaptation.”  The Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology brings Wakanda University to the AAA as an embodiment of all three of these principles. 

 We have rented booth number 319 in the conference exhibition hall.  Activities and events will be scheduled in the booth independently from the AAA regular conference process.  In short, it’s a conference within the conference, guerilla style.

The Call. Wakanda University at the AAA is envisioned as a collaborative Afro- and Ethnofuture space beyond whiteness.  All are welcome.  We want your Afro- and Ethno- imaginaries manifesting! 

Within the overall conference theme “Resistance, Resilience, Adaptation,” Wakanda University @ AAA will focus on four key themes.

  • ways of knowing, knowledge production and experience that unfurl from cosmologies beyond whiteness

In a world that centers Afro- and Ethno- cosmologies, what does research look like?  What are research methods, materials and modalities?  How is knowledge shared and distributed?  These questions might be explored through idea-generating workshops, speculative making, experimental video, participatory exercises.

As an example, The Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology will present the EthnoSpa, and also invites people to the workshop Seeing Differently.


  • mutual support, generosity and spiritual expansiveness  

(LabSpecEth has formulated BeckyBeGone spray, which will be available for sale at the booth. BeckyBeGone mixes organic, homegrown herbs in a rum-based tincture that is then spiritually treated to gain maximum effectiveness.  Not for internal use.)

Dissertation Doula Sessions


  • play
  • undoing the violence of the academy

In addressing the above, formats might include: speculation, collaborative workshops, presentation, performance, guided experiences.

For your proposals, please complete the online submission form.

The Deadline. Proposals must be submitted by Midnight on Monday, September 10. 

Below are some helpful things to think about:

The time. The booth will be operational Thursday 10-5, Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-12.

How much time to you need?  Slots for 1.5 hours and 3 hours are ideal.  Remember that your time slot will include setup and breakdown of anything you install. Please include a list of time slots where you can participate so that we can work around the other things you have to do.

The space.  The booth is a 10′ x 10′ space.  We will have a table-top monitor (for showing video, etc) and two tables.  Remember that any installation must not require tools, as this is a union hotel.  Think zip ties and velcro but not screws.  For activities engaging larger groups, you may want to use the booth as a meeting site and then move to the table area shown on the exhibition hall map.  If you plan to install materials, objects, etc., please include a sketch of your setup and a description of materials/items you will install.

The Participants. How many people are ideal for your event?  We can set your event up to require tickets (purchased or not).

The cost. There is no charge to participate.  But the booth did cost $2,700 and donations are very much appreciated.

Access. Remember that access to the exhibition hall requires a conference badge.